Best in-Office Fidget Toys

Best in-Office Fidget Toys

There are many studies, articles, motivational videos, stand-up comedies, and other materials available online that talk about the austerity of jobs and corporate life. Any discourse on success and growth is incomplete without discussing the challenges and hardships that success brings. Professional growth is one area of life that is most talked about.

There is constant juggling between professional & personal life.  With the change in roles and responsibilities, people also find it challenging to deal with work pressure, task deadlines, meetings, and long working hours.

But in such a typical workspace, where people are often seen as cribbing and nagging about their job, you must’ve observed that one employee who is either seen spinning a pen or continuously tapping their foot, and the moment a manager enters, he/she starts complaining and tags the person as ‘disengaged employee’. But do you know these employees, who are often termed disengaged, are the ones with the most creative and productive mindset? Yes! You read it right. Intentional or unintentional shaking of a leg, twirling of hair, biting of nails, or spinning of a pen—all these movements are considered fidgeting. In simple terms, any movement that involves the movement of hands, fingers, or feet is fidgeting. To learn about fidgeting in detail, you may read our blog on
Benefits of Fidgeting for Kids and Parents.’

Benefits of Fidgeting in Office

Boost Productivity: Do you know that in an eight-hour shift, an average employee is productive for only 2 hours and 53 minutes? The movement of fingers, hands, or feet at regular intervals sends signals to the brain to remain active and improve overall functioning and workflow, which keeps an employee engaged and productive. 

Prevention of Serious Health Hazards - In-office desk job is directly linked to adverse effects on physical health, especially heart-related diseases, diabetes, or even something as serious as an increased risk of blood clots. Fidgeting safeguards in-office employees from these diseases, it is as beneficial as losing 350 more calories than those who don’t fidget.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety -  In-office, many of us face the challenge of doing repetitive work, which is mundane and boring. Fidgeting saves us from losing focus and concentration. It increases the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, the two important hormones responsible for prolonging attention span, lowering stress and anxiety levels, and improving our ability to grasp concepts faster. 

Best In-Office Fidget Toys 

Fidget Toys are one of the important categories that Scoobies deals in. As a new-age brand catering to modern parents and kids, Scoobies understands the needs of the moment and brings products that add to kids' skill sets and development. 

Here are some easy-to-use set of fidget toys that you can use in the office or if you’re a professional HR looking to boost employee productivity, you can easily consider the following; 

Glowballs  -  Glowballs are one of the most loved product from the Scoobies Fidget family. This is a pack of 6 stress balls. It glows in the dark and under warm lights.  

It relieves anxiety, stimulates creativity and imagination, and regulates sensory needs. It can be easily carried to the office and stored in office drawers.

Spooky Wall Crawlers  - Spooky Wall Crawlers are another top seller from the House of Scoobies. Throw these wall crawlers on windows, glass, mirrors, or other smooth and flat surfaces. These wall crawlers will slide down by themselves, and swing like reptiles. They'll wibble and wobble down any smooth vertical surface.

It allows you to unwind after a long day. A perfect way to relieve yourself from long screen time and indulge in sensory stimulation.


Scoobies’s team of dedicated writers is consistently working to bring out content that helps you in your daily life and can be easily adapted to improve your lifestyle. We hope this article will help you cope with fast pacing corporate life and achieve a balance between your professional and personal lives. 

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