Benefits of Fidgeting for Kids & Adults

Benefits of Fidgeting for Kids & Adults

Do you ever catch yourself shaking your leg for quite some time, twirling your hair, biting your nails, or spinning a pen, then knowingly or unknowingly you have been fidgeting. These actions are often termed as ‘distracting’ or ‘disturbing’ by others but do you know fidgeting has benefits that are not only good for your physical health but mental health as well. As per recent research published in the Health System Magazine of the University of Missouri, “fidgeting while sitting still at a single place can help protect your arteries in the legs and possibly prevent arterial disease.”

In simple words, fidgeting means any repetitive action involving the movement of the hand, fingers, or feet. These movements are often unintentional and are associated with the body’s coping mechanism to any discomforting situation. Fidgeting could include simple activities like tapping your foot, drumming your fingers, tapping a pencil, crossing and uncrossing your legs, blinking of eyes, and so on.


Benefits of Fidgeting for Kids

Proper Energy Consumption - The movement of parts of the body makes kids reduce more calories as compared to sitting in the same position for hours.

Development of Fine Motor Skills - Fidgeting with hands or fingers makes kids move their small muscles which help in strengthening their fine motor skills. It also helps in improving hand grip and pinch strength which further helps in the kid’s ability to write.

Increases Focus and Concentration - It has been observed that our kids' mind focuses on a specific task more when their hands are active in some movement as it releases pent-up energy which distracts them while doing the task.

Cognitive Development - Keeping kids busy by fidgeting stimulates your creativity, curiosity, and imagination.

Stimulates Creativity & Imagination - Consistent movement & fidgeting breaks the monotony and make kids think of new & creative ways to do a task. 

Sensory Development - Fidgeting & movements like squeezing, pinching, or throwing help in sensory regulation in kids.


Benefits of Fidgeting for Adults

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases - The continuous movement of the hand, fingers, or feet results in increased blood flow in the body which further helps in the functioning of the heart and prevents any heart-related diseases.

Relieves Stress & Anxiety  -  Adults whether it's in their professional or personal life,  face stress at some point. Fidgeting helps in relieving and calming the build-up emotions of anger, irritation, and nervousness.

 Medical Benefits of Fidgeting

A popular study on fidgeting shows that fidgeting especially with fidget toys helps people with ADD, ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or people who struggle with sensory processing or any kind of neurological disorder.

Fidget the right way

Though there are many activities that are considered a part of fidgeting. Like; as the tapping of feet, the drumming of fingers, tapping or spinning a pen or pencil, blinking of eyes, moving while standing or sitting, and so on.

But fidgeting isn't only about moving or tapping, there is a different set of movements that help give the above-given benefits to an individual like squishing, stretching, slinging, pulling, throwing, stacking, and so on. Fidget toys help solve the purpose.

Here are the top picks for fidgeting the right way!

Glowballs - A perfect blend of tactile fun & entertainment! This is a pack of 6 multicolor fidget balls that glow in the dark. These are non-toxic and completely safe for kids.



Spooky Wall Crawlers - These small wiggly jiggly crawlers crawl on other smooth & flat surfaces. These wall crawlers will slide down by themselves, and swing like a reptile.


Wrapping Up

Fidgeting is a great way to make kids learn important developmental skills and regulate their sensory needs. A great way for adults to stay calm while at work or in any other discomforting situation. 

We hope this article gave you a glimpse into fidgeting and how it benefits kids & adults. Share this with your friends, parents & colleagues, and tell them the importance of fidgeting.

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