Scoobies dives deep into the enchanting world of children’s imagination and whimsy and proudly unveils its latest and thoughtful collection, FurryTales.

FurryTales is a companion for adventure, a spark for the imagination, and a symbol of style and whimsy that will bring a smile to every child’s face.

The collection is designed infusing elements of play and functionality and features looks inspired from the animal kingdom adored by kids. The collection has two product lines, Play Buddies and Study Buddies crafted in plush material. Every category features a set of animals with fancy names. Each creation in furry tales is not only a useful product but a charming companion who will brighten a kid’s day every time they look at it.


Collections curated will captivate the hearts of not only kids but parents as well. A plush which is not just a toy but a useful product! Each piece embraces the Scoobies' concept of ‘Scootility’.

The Play Buddies for kids include a Neck Pillow and an Eye Mask combo, cute and compact charms that can be used as keychains and a Sling bag for outings.

The Study Buddies include Tablet and IPad Case, an insulated lunch bag, a versatile stationery pouch and a multipurpose built-in coin pouch.

Head on to explore the awe-inspiring FurryTales collection.