Unforgettable School Memories

Unforgettable School Memories

“Memory is the diary that
we all carry about with us”
- Oscar Wilde
Irish poet, playwright, and genius of aestheticism have captured the true essence of the word ‘Memories’ in the quote mentioned above. Memories are beautiful flashbacks of a series of events that happened in the past that shape our identity, influence our behavior, and contribute to our overall well-being. School life is an important ‘memory diary’ that we all look back on. Whether you love studying or loathe it, school days always bring back the soothing & delightful hues of childhood memories.

Early morning honking of the school bus while mommies ran with breakfast after kids and daddies dressed kids in school uniform while kids favorite Tom N Jerry cartoon played in the background was a sight to behold. Even in all sorts of confusion & chaos, everyone will agree that life was blissfully peaceful. 

In this article, let’s turn some unforgettable pages of ‘the school memory diary that we all miss in our adult life.

Indelible Good Morning Wish

Goooooddd Morningggg Maammm!!

This was a typical morning wish to teachers that we all have done in our school days.

Fun Lunch Times

The ringing of a school bell signaling the start of lunchtime was indeed the best school memory that we all cherish now. 

The aroma of lunch boxes opening and kids running in the corridors, sitting on the desks, or doodling on the blackboard was the typical lunch scene in every school.

Covering Books & Notebooks

Whether it was a start of a new session or a new semester, covering notebooks with covers and writing names & subject names with a premium gel pen is what we all have done in our school days. Some kids also used to carry the notebooks of their favorite cartoons and caricatures, like unicorn notebooks, Spiderman notebooks, Mickey Mouse notebooks, and so on.

Library Period

The excitement of stepping into a library was of the next level. Owning a school library card was nothing less than pride. Issuing books from the school library was much more comforting than reading an E-book.

School Trips

Going on school excursions was nothing less than a gala event for kids. Daddies buying all sorts of snacks and packaged food for kids while mommies teach them about do’s and don'ts to follow during the trip. 

Teachers arrange the seating plan as per kids' roll numbers, guiding them about the place they’ve visited, clicking class group pictures, and coming back with infinite memories.


Games Period 

The games period was one of the most loved & waited periods for kids. Wearing white school shoes and playing all sorts of games like kho-kho, football, basketball, badminton and more always brought joy to all.


Packaging a School Bag 

Packaging a school bag and organizing a pencil box as per time table, especially arranging the school essentials, books & notebooks in new merchandise was always a dream come true.

Friends Made for Lifetime 

The memories and friendships we all have with our school friends are the narratives we carry for a lifetime and the most amazing part is, school buddies stay with you in the years to come.

We hope that this article took you back to YOUR school memory diary and brought flashbacks of your favorite teachers, friends, school trips, and what your usual day at school looked like. 

It is always a good idea to connect back with your school friends & teachers and enjoy adult life with buddies who made your school easy & enjoyable.

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