Top 5 Must-Have Art Supplies for Kids

Top 5 Must-Have Art Supplies for Kids

Every child is born with an innate ability to create and imagine. It takes the right learning to nurture their skills. Art & craft is undoubtedly one of the best ways to let kids bring out their ideas and creativity. But modern-day craft isn’t just simple sketching or drawing, it goes beyond what was taught years ago. With a wide variety of art & craft supplies available in the market, kids are learning new skills & techniques.

In this article, we will list down some interesting options available in the market and techniques that kids can learn.

Let’s check out some exciting art & craft options available in the market;

3D Crayons

The most basic art essential for kids is crayons. But 3D crayons take the basics out of crayons and turn crayons into stackable lego blocks.  These 16 assorted colors are non-toxic & non-sticky and do not leave stains on little hands. 


  • For Colouring
  • For Stacking
  • Refines color & shape recognition skills.

Chrome Pen




The chrome pen set is unlike any other permanent marker. The pens are specially designed to make kids unleash their creativity on any type of surface. It gives a glossy mirror finish on surfaces like glass, leather, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, metal, fabric, and so on. Write birthday wishes on balloons, and repair the silver finish of your favorite leather footwear or metal or glass bottle. It comes with 10 carta sheets.

  • Features; 
  • Multi-surface Compatible 
  • Limited-Scratch 
  • UV Resistant

Glitter Acrylic Markers 

Acrylic paint is always the first choice when it comes to art & craft essentials. But it is way messier than other supplies. But these Glitter Acrylic Markers not only make art mess-free but also adds a shiny shimmer to art designs. it is non-toxic, odorless, acid-free & completely safe for kids. 

Create handwritten birthday/festival cards or restyle your old wooden/metallic almirah or customize your ceramic mug, creativity & fun are limitless.


  • Multi-surface Compatible
  • Water-based Ink 
  • Dual Tip

Teddy Bear Finger Paints 



Even before holding a pencil, kids learn to paint with their fingers. Fingerpainting is one of the best options to make kids familiar with colors & creativity. 

It comes in 4 multi-color teddy bear shape dispenser bottles. It is made up of chemical-free, skin-friendly, organic material and is completely safe for kids. 

Let kids mix it, blend it, spread it, and unleash their creative skills. Thick gel-like consistency helps in creating different designs like flowers, butterflies, trees, animals, fruits, vegetables, and whatsoever kids feel like.

Hot Dot Markers 

Hot Dot Markers are a perfect choice for parents to improve their kid’s hand grip and introduce visual learning along with other skills like; motor skills, hand-eye coordination & more. It is non-toxic, spill & splash-proof. It is also washable & skin-friendly. It comes with a downloadable sketchbook.


  • Resist Drying Out 
  • Multi-surface Compatabile

Wooden Crayons 



This 3-in-1 color set works as wax crayons, colored pencils, and watercolors. Wooden casing makes it 5X more break resistant than a normal crayon. It comes with a sharpener and paintbrush. It gives a professional smooth finish to your art.


  • Break resistant 
  • Smudge-free smooth finish 
  • Safe for kids.

Neon Gel Crayons 

Here's your go-to colors for your little Piccasso - Scoobies Neon Gel Crayons. This pack of 6 gel crayons gives a gleaming & glowing effect in the dark. It conforms to international kids' safety standards and is made of non-toxic, acid-free material. It works well on both textured & smooth surfaces. Perfect for highlighting & blending! 


  • Glow-in-the-Dark 
  • Works well on both textured & smooth surfaces
  • Comes with a twist-up mechanism 

Final Words

Art & craft is certainly the best way to introduce kids to new & innovative concepts. Let kids engage in these simple yet exciting activities and keep them away from addictive screen time.

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