Rakhi Gifts for Siblings - Toys Edition

Rakhi Gifts for Siblings - Toys Edition

SIBLINGS - This is not just a word but an expression that brings an image of unsaid, pure, unconditional love to mind. From being #partnerincrime to being #partnerforlife, the bond between siblings is inseparable. Even at a time when we don’t understand the meaning of siblings, our brothers and sisters stand by our side. Hiding each other’s secrets from parents, buying toys together, or teasing each other till you drop—there are infinite memories that Bhaiyas’ and Behnas share with each other.

The relationship between siblings is best remembered as playing buddies. You will never get bored if you have a sibling. Playing pretend games with dolls and soft toys or playing smart games using advanced games and tools—we have played all types of games with our siblings. Do you remember planning and playing self-created games back in your childhood?

Raksha Bandhan is such a beautiful festival that lets you express your love and affection towards your sibling. With the change of time, this festival has also evolved. The ritual of tying Rakhi is no longer limited to brothers; sisters are equally responsible, independent, and courageous enough to do Raksha for their siblings. This Raksha Bandhan, Scoobies voice equality among brothers and sisters and bring in the notion of Change with it.

Why you should consider buying Rakhi gifts from Scoobies!

Scoobies is an Australian owned kids lifestyle brand that provides kids safe gifting options for kids. For this Raksha Bandhan; 

  • You may customize and make your own hamper from a wide range of Scoobies stationery products
  • You may opt for complimentary  premium Scoobies gift wrapping that involves wrapping sheet with Scoobies branding and cute ribbon and bows. 
  • You may send a request to add a personal message along with the gift to our order fulfillment team on WhatsApp

You can even place an order while sitting abroad anywhere in India, and our order fulfillment will deliver happiness directly to your sibling living in India.

Best Scoobies Toys to Gift Your Sibling on Raksha Bandhan  

In this article, we will list top fidget and magnetic toys that you can buy for Raksha Bandhan. 

1.Glowballs -  Scoobies top seller Glowballs is a perfect option for kids and adults. This pack of 6 multi-colored fidget balls easily sticks on walls, ceilings, and other flat surfaces. It glows and illuminates beautifully in the dark. It is easy to wash using soapy water and can be reused multiple times.

It provides hours of sensory and tactile stimulation.

2.Dawdlers - Squish, squeeze, sling, stretch, or crawl; Dawdlers will slide down by themselves, and swing like reptiles. They'll wibble and wobble down any smooth vertical surface. 

It is available in the Unicorn and Space theme. It is easy to wash and can be reused multiple times. It can also be used as an anxiety relief toy.

3.Squeezy Uni Pop CornThis is a shooting popper toy in Unicorn shape and comes with 3 foam balls. Simply load the Unicorn with a foam ball and squeeze her tummy to shoot the ball. The ball can go up to a distance of 20 cm. 

It is an ideal therapeutic tool for kids and adults alike with a creative mindset to fight boredom, stimulate sensory skills, and indulge in screen-free tactile fun. It provides relief from anxiety, stress and creates a fun, positive environment.

4.Beary Squishy Gum Bear- Designed for gentle fidgeting, this is a pack of 2 bears, available in pink and orange color. Stick, squeeze, squish, or stretch, Scoobies Squishy Gumbear is a perfect way to create a fun environment in school, college, office and home.

5.Wiggly Doodle BoardWith the Wiggly Doodle Board, Scoobies combined fidgeting and doodling together. This board is made with beads filled with transparent gel and comes with a backer card. Create different alphabets, numbers, design using the stylus provided with it, and indulge in hours of sensory fun.

6.Jungle Mania Magnetic TilesJungle Mania Magnetic Playset is the ultimate playset for kids to explore the wildness of the jungle in the comfort of their playroom. This 27 piece set fosters kids interest in mathematics, science, and animals. Jungle Mania Magnetic Playset also provides adults with an opportunity to relieve their stress and engage in constructing, creating, and exploring. This Magnetic Playset brings first of its own kind magnetic animals; a lion, elephant, bear, and tiger.

Create different 2D and 3D structures. Use these as fridge magnets, coasters, pen stands, and more. It boosts STEM, problem-solving, spatial thinking, analytical learning, and independent working skills at an advanced level.

7.Scoo Magnetic Car and Road PackThis Car and Road Pack is a perfect addition to kids' magnetic collections. With this 65-piece magnetic set, make your kid bring their 'vroom-vroom' to reality, bringing your little racer's imaginative road and cars to the ground. Let them create their own DIY roads, panels, and tunnels and make learning fun.

With this set, introduce your kid to roads and transportation, make them learn about traffic rules, and let them create 2D and 3D road structures and tunnels to enhance their creativity and imagination.

8.Magnetic Tiles and House StickerThis 35-piece set of Magnetic Tiles and House Stickers gives a modern touch to traditional kids' pretend play. The self-adhesive magnetic stickers allow kids to create a full-fledged house with windows and doors and indulge in infinite stories and tales. This open-ended play does not limit kids and makes them indulge in creating whatever they imagine and feel like.

We hope these Rakhi gifting recommendations will help you get a perfect Rakhi gifting for your #partnerincrime and make Raksha Bandhan an eventful affair. To know more, call or message us at +91-9717359930.

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