Rakhi Gifts for Artistic Siblings

Rakhi Gifts for Artistic Siblings

“They are your partners. 
They are your supporters
They are your critics
They are your friends 
They are your SIBLING”

The word sibling brings a lot of emotions and memories to every individual. The relationship between brother and sister is an unsung saga about moments you’ve cherished and enjoyed together. From pranking to protecting each other from parents’ rants, siblings are the BEST friends you get in your own family. 

Do you remember those moments when you used to do art and crafts for hours with your siblings, especially during your summer vacations? Coloring together, creating handmade cards together for different occasions, designing a DIY scrapbook, making charts and models, or just doing art and crafts for fun - having an artistic partner at home is a different kind of feeling. 

Raksha Bandhan reminds us of how beautiful this Bandhan is—a  day specially dedicated to your #partnerincrime and  #partnerinfight.  Every year, this festival strengthens the bond between siblings and tells them that no matter what goes wrong, they will always `be there for each other. 


What’s special about Raksha Bandhan at Scoobies? 

Scoobies understands siblings' emotions and brings EXTRA love, care, and joy to add to your sibling’s Rakhi gift box with its Buy 1 Get 1 offer


Isn't it amazing to buy 2  products for the price of 1.

In the last blog, we covered the top 5 gifts for foodie siblings, Check it out, in case you missed it. This article will give you a sneak peek of what you should gift to your artistic sibling. And of course, all these items are Buy 1, Get 1 Free.

1.Foil Art  - Scoobies Foil Art Set is an ideal kit that lets kids explore their art and craft potential. This activity is a perfect way to introduce kids to magic transfer art. It lets kids unleash their creativity and engage them in fun and stimulating hands-on activities. 

 With this, kids can also create their own DIY postcards, bookmarks, greeting cards, and photo frames, or use a foil folder as a wallet for carrying handy cash.

It is available in the Unicorn and Space themes.

 2.Scratch Cards - This easy-to-do activity improves focus and concentration and helps refine hand-eye coordination among kids. It is a mess-free and no-hassle activity. Let kids scratch the black cards and magical designs will reveal beneath them. 

It is available in the Unicorn & Dinosaur design.

 3.Scoo Rub Stickers - This is a transfer sticker activity for kids. It engages kids in narrative thinking and helps them learn cause and effect. This Peel and stick activity also refines motor skills and improves focus and concentration. 

It is available in fairy and city themes.

4.Sequin Creations - It is an ideal set to engage kids in screen-free productive, and engaging activities. It introduces kids to tracing, counting, sorting, and matching. This is a simple activity of decorating the design card using corresponding sequins.  

It is available in dragon and fairy themes.

5.Frudoh - Frudoh is a perfect way to engage kids in indoor settings while keeping them away from the screen. 

This is a rehydratable and reusable clay, which means that you may add some water if the clay becomes hard after using it multiple times. 

Available in yellow, orange, red, green, pink, and blue colors, it comes in portable jars that make it easy to carry and store.


Get premium ribbon packing with Scoobies Buy 1 Get 1 offer and make Raksha Bandhan an eventful occasion for your #partnerincrime. To know more, call or message us at ++919311690915.

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