Egg-citing DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

Egg-citing DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is a time of joy, renewal, and creativity, making it the perfect opportunity to engage kids in fun and meaningful crafts. This year, why not add a personal touch to your Easter celebrations with these egg-citing DIY crafts that are sure to delight kids of all ages?

  1.  Easter Egg Decorating

One of the most iconic Easter activities is decorating eggs. You can use a variety of techniques to create beautifully decorated eggs, such as dyeing, painting, or using markers and stickers. For a twist, try creating designs inspired by nature, such as flowers, butterflies, or birds.

To make the colouring the eggs fun and easy, try using pudgy brushes from Scoobies. These brushes create three different textures and are very soft in application. These are perfect for creating textures in varied colours on eggs.


     2. Bunny Ear Headbands

Get into the Easter spirit with adorable bunny ear headbands. Simply cut out bunny ear shapes from felt or paper, attach them to a headband, and embellish with pom-poms or ribbon. Kids can wear these headbands during Easter egg hunts or while decorating eggs or while enjoying the party.



     3. Easter Bunny Masks

Bring the Easter bunny to life with homemade bunny masks. Use white paper as the base, cut out eye holes, and attach bunny ears made from paper or cardstock. Add a nose, whiskers, and a mouth for a cute and festive mask.

To make the bunny mask more attractive, use glitter clay. It will not only make mask shimmery and attractive but also makes the mask sturdy.


  1. Easter Chick Finger Puppets

Create adorable Easter chick finger puppets using yellow felt or paper. Cut out chick shapes, add googly eyes, and attach them to the end of a finger for hours of imaginative play. Kids can put on puppet shows or use them as props for storytelling.



     5. Easter Egg Carton Chicks

Recycle egg cartons into cute Easter chicks. Cut out individual egg cups, paint them yellow, and add features such as eyes, beaks, and feet using construction paper. These little chicks make great decorations or can be used as containers for Easter treats.

You can use Teddy Bear finger paints for colouring the egg cartons.


     6. Easter Bunny Garland

Create a bunny-themed garland to decorate your home for Easter. Cut out bunny shapes from colored paper, paint them using chubby brushes and Poster colours. Add details such as eyes, noses, and whiskers, and string them together with twine or ribbon. Hang the garland above a mantel or along a wall for a festive touch.


  1. Easter Egg Hunt Signs


Make Easter egg hunt signs to guide kids on their hunt for hidden eggs. Use wooden stakes or popsicle sticks as the base, attach paper egg shapes with arrows pointing in the direction of the hunt, and decorate with Easter-themed designs. You can colour the popsicle sticks or paper designs with Neon Crayons. These come in bright fluorescent hues. Neon crayons glow in the dark. The designs on paper coloured with Neon Crayons, can also glow at night.

Place the signs strategically around your yard or home for a fun and interactive Easter egg hunt experience.


These DIY Easter crafts are not only fun to make but also provide an opportunity for kids to express their creativity and celebrate the spirit of Easter. Explore Scoobies Colours and Crayons range that provide varied hues and textures to add charm to your decorations. So gather your supplies, gather your little ones, and let the Easter crafting begin!

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