Diwali Gifts for Kids: Stationery, Toys and More

Diwali Gifts for Kids: Stationery, Toys and More

Diwali is one of the greatest festivals celebrated across India. Every nook and corner is illuminated with candles, diyas, and lights. From the heavy roadway to the peaceful street, one can sense the festivities with eye-appealing lights, people all decked up in beautiful Indian attire, giggling in the corner, and children bursting and playing with crackers in the middle of the road. 

A new kind of excitement fills everyone around this time. From decorating houses to inviting and gifting your friends and family with something thoughtful, this is what we all look forward to, especially children. To help you save time, Scoobies brings thoughtfully combined Diwali EXCLUSIVE hampers that are unlike any traditional hamper available in the market. ‘Scoo-Treat’ hampers bring gifting merchandise that is joyful, educational and spreads happiness here and everywhere! 

Here are some interesting ‘Scoo-Treat’ hampers to gift your favorite little human!

All Fun Hamper - Scoo Diwali Treat 

Get ready to plunge yourself into the pool of fun and entertainment with the Scoobies All Fun Combo. 

Pack Includes;

  • Squeezy Uni Pop Corn 
  • Fuzz Ball (Unipuff)
  • Swipe a Bubble 
  • Uni Dawdlers 
  • Speedy Turkey


Freaky Crawler Hamper - Scoo Diwali Treat 

Scoobies Freaky Crawler Hamper is a perfect addition to your Fidget-tastic toys. This hamper adds an exciting & entertaining flavor to your pollution-free Diwali 23'

Pack Includes;

  • Shuriken Warrior (Red)
  • Gooey (Green)
  • Futterpane (Blue)
  • Tentacle Fun (Purple)
  • Speedy Turkey (Pink)


Squishes Hamper - Scoo Diwali Treat 

Squishies Hamper brings your favorite Scoobies fidget toys in one place. A perfect gifting option for kids, teens, and adults, and helps them enliven their senses and combat stress at home, school, college, and office.

Pack Includes;

  • Mushables (Tiny Animals)
  • Smushies 
  • Beary Squishy Gum Bears 
  • Uni Dawdlers 
  • Spacy Dawdlers



Artist Hamper - Scoo Diwali Treat 

This Diwali not only decorate your houses but also beautify the festive days for your little artist with Scoobies Diwali special, Artist Hamper. With color pencils, crayons, and markers, this Hamper is perfect for kids and kids at heart!

Pack Includes;

  • Stubby Markers 
  • 3D Crayons 
  • Coloured Pencils 
  • Hot Dot Markers 
  • Chunky Pencils


Sweet Princess Hamper - Scoo Diwali Treat 

This Hamper includes everything from a comforting & hanging plush pouch to engaging art & craft activity, this Hamper is a perfect way to spread happiness here & everywhere! Let your little girl be surrounded by bunnies, fairies, and her favorite mesmerizing Unicorn.

Pack Includes; 

  • Bunny Cozies (Pink)
  • Velvet Art Book (Unicorn)
  • Tattoo Temparary Stickers 
  • 3D Colouring (Princess)
  • Unicorn Pencils 


Nifty Hamper - Scoo Diwali Treat 

Scoobies Diwali special Nifty Hamper is what you need to add joy to your little one's festive celebrations. This Hamper includes a range of DIY arts & crafts activities that will turn your home into your little one's imaginative space and make them experiment and create masterpieces to flaunt!

Pack Includes; 

  • Velvet Art Book (Dinasour)
  • 3D EVA Foam Stickers 
  • Scratch Cards (Dinasour Theme)
  • Mosaic Foam Art (Shippers Land)
  • Foil Art Set (Space)


Scoobies wishes a very Happy Diwali to everyone.

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