Coping with Anxiety: Tips for Finding Calm in Chaos

Coping with Anxiety: Tips for Finding Calm in Chaos

Over the years, less hours and more work have become an inherent part of modern life that turns to stress and anxiety. People of all ages and backgrounds experience stress. Exam pressure, ongoing office deadlines, personal relationships or societal expectations take a toil on a person’s mental health, which in-turn affects their physical health. To cope with stressful situations, it is important to step back and ponder your thoughts and the things that have kept your mind busy and stressed all this time. Healing, rejuvenation and unwinding from disturbing thoughts and situations are crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Through this article, we wanted to help you create a checklist for stress busters toys that will be of help to you in relieving your stress. 

But before we proceed further, let’s figure out some of the common activities that you should practice in everyday life to release stress and stay happy.

  • Enjoying ‘Me’ Time - Prioritizing yourself before anything or anyone is the first step towards living a happy and stress free life. Take a silent corner in your room, grab your favourite drink, and enjoy the moment of peace. Pause for a while to check on your inner self and feel nothing but you. 
  • No Social Media - Let that gram notification wait for some more time; let Facebook wait a little longer before you turn online again; and let that shopping app also wait before you go back to it. Let there be a day without social media but real YOU. It's important to take a day off social media and be unapologetically the real you.
    • Connect With Friends and Family - Call, message or meet-ups, it's always a great way to connect with your people and spend some quality time together. 
    • Maintaining a Healthy Sleep Cycle - Insufficient sleep or disturbed sleeping patterns are one of the important reasons behind disturbed life. Make sure you’ve slept well. A well-rested mind and body are better equipped to handle stress.
    Engage in Enjoyable Activities - It’s always a great idea to engage yourself in meaningful activities to relax your mind. Some people find peace in painting, some find joy in gardening, and some find happiness in writing journals. It’s about finding your own type  of 'happiness.’


    Fidget Toys from the House of Scoobies 

    Wondering, how would you be able to take time to practice these activities? To help you save time and deal with every-day pressure at school, office or on the go, Scoobies brings a range of Fidget Toys that will be your companion, providing you with solace and comfort in situations of stress or anxiety. Scoobies Fidget Toys easily fits in your pocket or a standard-sized bag that helps release your stress and  calm your nerves; 

    Glowballs  -  Glowballs are one of the most loved products from the Scoobies Fidget family. This is a pack of 6 stress balls. It glows in the dark and under warm lights.  

    It relieves anxiety, stimulates creativity and imagination, and regulates sensory needs. It can be easily carried to the office and stored in office drawers. Squish it or throw it and stick it on the wall improving your aim.

    Uni Dawdlers & Spacy Dawdlers - Throw these on windows, glass, mirrors, or other smooth and flat surfaces. These wall crawlers will slide down by themselves and swing like reptiles. They'll wibble and wobble down any smooth vertical surface.

    It allows you to unwind after a long day. A perfect way to relieve yourself from long screen time and indulge in sensory stimulation.

    Mushables - Scoobies Mushables are new & innovative fidget-tastic toys that are creatively designed in animal shapes filled with mesmerizing colorful jelly beads that take you on a whimsical journey to tactile exploration and create a fun & joyful environment all around. 

    These are perfect collectibles for kids, teens, and adults to add to their collection of fidget toys.

    Smushies - With groovy spikes outside and a squeezable compound inside, Smushies will keep your hands busy fidgeting and relieve you from stress and anxiety. It indulges you in the tactile fun of squishing, squeezing and stretching. It is also good for muscle exercises.

    Tentacle Fun - Tentacle Fun is a unique & captivating Fidget toy made in the shape of an Octopus. It is designed to offer sensory delight to kids, teens, and adults and help them channel their focus & concentration, and also help relieve stress. It is available in 4 colours and every Octopus comes with a soft, gelatinous body, bulbous head, eight long flexible arms, and camera-type eyes.

    Simply throw it on glass & mirrored surfaces and see it magically crawling & wriggling around the surface.

    Flutter pane - Scoobies new addition, Pretty looking Flutterpane Crawler is designed as an exquisite butterfly, providing you with sensory & visual delight. Available in 4 colorful variations, Flutterpane comes with graceful patterned wings, a smiling face, and round eyes.

    Flutterpane can easily stick & roll on flat surfaces like wood, glass, and metal. It is perfect to engage your mind in a fun activity and relieve yourself from anxious emotions.

    Speedy Turkey -  It features a Turkey Hen with a short & pointed beak, featherless & bare head, fan-shaped tail, rounded wings, and a wide eye. With a gentle pull & push, this catapult toy will create a flying effect and will stick to textured walls. It can fly up to 20 ft. It will indulge you in hand-eye activity, increase your focus & concentration, and spread happiness here & everywhere.

    Enjoy seeing them flying, sticking, and having endless fun.

    Gooey - Available in 6 different colors, they easily stick & tumble down on flat surfaces like walls, wood, glass, and metal. It is perfect to engage your mind in fun activities and relieve yourself from anxious emotions. Gooey comes with 6 sticky feet.It is lightweight, and each comes with a different facial expression to grab your attention.

    Have fun seeing'em magically sticking, rolling, tossing, and tumbling down!

    Shuriken Storm Warriors - Scoobies Shuriken Warriors wear headbands and masks that give them a touch of mystery & anonymity. These warriors also wear arm & thigh guards and come with a utility belt to hold their famed 'Shuriken.'

    Shuriken Warriors can easily stick & roll on flat surfaces like wood, glass, and metal, creating a cracking sound. It is perfect to engage your mind in fun activities and relieve yourself from anxious emotions.

    Perfect for everyone who love figure toys or heroes.

    Wrapping Up 

    We hope Scoobies fidget toys will help you lead a happy and stress free life.  Adding to play and laughter, along with friends and family.

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