Christmas Buys - Top 5 Unique Gifts for Kids

Christmas Buys - Top 5 Unique Gifts for Kids

Ho! Ho! Santa Bag of Gifts is Full 
To Make your Little One’s Handsful

The festive season is here again. Christmas trees are adorned with Christmas balls, bells and everything that adds to the vibe of the season. People dressed in Christmas themed colors are hopping in the markets. Flashy billboards with Christmas sales, offers and discounts are grabbing the attention of passersby. Bakeries are spreading the aroma of plum cakes, donuts and especially baked Christmas cookies. The vibe of Christmas 23’ is all set for you to make new memories and store them in your heart for a lifetime. 

How about becoming a Santa for someone this Christmas and planning unique gifts and surprises for the little humans who make your everyday special? This festive season, go the extra mile for your favourite little human with Scoobies and choose a unique and memorable gift from the house of Scoobies that sparks creativity and curiosity and brings endless smiles to kids’ faces. 

In this article, we will be taking you through the top 5 gifting options from the House of Scoobies that are sure to enchant and delight the kids and will also add to their learning quotient.

Fuzz Balls 

Scoobies newly launched Fuzz Ball is an ideal addition to your kid's playtime. With a plushy exterior and an inflatable ball inside, this new range of Fuzz Balls comes in vibrant and cheerful variations. With Fuzz Ball, Scoobies restyled the old traditional ball and brought the coziness of plush and the playfulness of bouncing together to provide hours of joy and entertainment to kids in indoor and outdoor settings. 

Perfect for throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing, or simply for hugging and cuddling.


Scoobies Cozies transcend age boundaries and appeal to people of all ages - kids, teens, and adults. With Cozies, plush meets storage. It comes in 3 different variations - Unicorn, Bunny and Giraffe. These plushies come with a storage slot for stashing away your little one's treasures, like candies, crayons, cash, cards, keys, and other mini miscellaneous stuff. 

It can be easily carried on the go. It is irresistibly soft, cuddly and the perfect collectible to add to your kid’s collection.

MagAlpha Board 

MagAlpha Board is designed to provide interactive language learning and vocabulary development to kids. MagAlpha Board is a versatile and educational learning tool that comes with 26 alphabets (A to Z), 2 additional emoticon magnetic pellets locked inside the board, and a magnetic stylus to move the pellet/s inside, creating an audible click sound revealing your creation. It comes with 6 picture cards that make kids familiar with concepts like alphabet and word formation, object recognition, animal recognition and more, providing kids with hands-on learning experiences and engaging kids in screen-free education. 

It can be easily carried to different places, like school, home, casual trips, restaurants, or any other spot of your choice. It can also be used by teens and adults with innovative minds who love experimenting with words and alphabets. MagAlpha is a valuable teaching tool for Montessori teachers and moms to teach kids who are beginning their primary learning.

Squeezy Uni Pop Corn 

Squeezy Uni PopCorn is an exciting popper toy that comes with 3 foam balls. Indulge in the magic of popping and create a fun and positive environment all around.

It is an ideal therapeutic tool for kids and adults alike with a creative mindset to fight boredom, stimulate sensory skills and indulge in screen-free tactile fun. It provides relief from anxiety and creates a fun, positive environment.

Swipe a Bubble 

Scoobies Swipeable Bubble is an innovative toy for kids that engages kids for hours. It creates thousands of bubbles in seconds than the traditional bubble toy wands.

Wear the unicorn glove on your hand and enjoy waving and playing with bubbles. The bubble solution comes with an additional zip-closure resealable bag. So you can save the solution for re-dipping and re-using.

We hope to make this Christmas 23’ happy and merry for you and your loved ones. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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