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Back to School - Preparing Kids for in Person Learning

SCHOOL- The word brings in a plethora of emotions. Children carrying cutesy dinky bags and bustling with energy..the road buzzing the School buses and mothers waving kids goodbye..the sights to behold. On one hand, children look forward to their new school uniform, funky school bags, pencil cases & stationery and on the other hand, parents feel proud to see their little one step up one grade higher. There is a freshness in the air that is both, exciting and jittery.


 But in the recent past, as we all witnessed, traditional classrooms shifted to ‘online virtual classrooms’ which always seemed a distant dream in India! But the charm of going to school, meeting teachers & friends, and the physical interactions went missing. As per a popular survey, around 93% of parents believe that the traditional method of learning suited best for their children. In a recent interview, Dr. Komal Manshani, Senior Child Psychologist, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi, said “ The school grooms the children how to live, talk and behave, etc. How should we help and cooperate with each other is taught at school. Online classes can’t provide these aspects.” 

So finally! After 2 long years of hiatus, things are moving back to normal and everyone is eager to get back into the rhythm. To help your kid transition smoothly to the in-person learning environment safely and willingly, here are some important tips from us. COVID has subsided but the threat still remains so we need to be extra cautious esp. When it comes to kids.

Tip 1: Prep up your kid for the ‘normal’ routine

Online classes changed your kid's daily schedule and the daily discipline has gone haywire. Gradually set your child’s school and after-school schedule (like their sleeping and tuition class schedule). Treat them with fancy & jazzy schoolbags and pencil cases that will make them fall in love with the in-person teaching environment again.   

Tip 2: Getting Back from Typing to Writing

Engage them in decorating the School books & notebooks with colourful covers and name slips to make them look forward to the school classes. The feeling of using art & craft stationery goodies like; markers, watercolors, crayons, etc are completely different and can never be achieved with electronic gadgets or digital tools.


Tip 3: Stuffing up with extra nutrition

Safety and health go hand in hand. Add delicacies to your kid's lunchboxes to make them look forward to going to school. But Hey! We don’t mean chocolates, cold drinks, and candies! But Home Made healthy burgers, pizzas, nuts, and sandwiches! A Lunchbox’s design matters equally. Scoobies' lunch boxes range is BPA free and food-grade safe and comes in quirky designs and colors There are lunch boxes in natural rice husk & bamboo material too.

Add up the hydration factor for the summers with cutesy water bottles.


Tip 4: Cut-Down Extra Screen Time

Owing to online classes and staying at home, kids have become habitual of long screen time, start cutting down their screen time by engaging them in meaningful activities. Try Magnetic DIY toys which not only offer great engagement but also develop crucial life skills.


Tip 5: Make Kids familiar with Covid Protocols

As parents, we are worried about our kid's safety and it becomes our own responsibility to orient them on covid protocols to take care of themselves at school when you are not around. You may;

  • Explain what is social distancing by giving examples and why is it important.
  • Make it a daily practice at home to wash hands if they contact anything external. so, that it becomes a habit
  • Set an example by wearing a mask when outside so that they understand its importance.
  • Keep a compact sanitizer in your kid’s bag in the outer pocket for easy usage. Also, try and keep one that is safe for kids.
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