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MagAlpha Board - Vocabulary Learning Board for Kids

MagAlpha Board - Vocabulary Learning Board for Kids

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Designed to provide interactive language learning & vocabulary development to kids, MagAlpha Board is a versatile & educational learning tool that helps; with alphabet & word formation, object recognition, animal recognition & more, providing kids with hands-on learning experiences and engaging kids in screen-free education.
1 MagAlpha Board (with alphabet pellets (A to Z alphabets and 2 emoticons locked inside the plastic case), 1 Magnetic Stylus, and 6 picture cards consisting of word matching, alphabet matching, objects matching, animal matching, alphabet finding and words matching.
Simply drag the alphabet/s that you want to use with a magnetic stylus to create and learn. To erase the entire board, simply shuffle the board.
It can be easily carried in a standard-sized bag. Take it on long and casual journeys and keep kids engaged in cars, trains, and flights.
You might twist the game by playing it the other way around. For example, other than inserting the picture card inside the board, dictate words to kids and ask them to write them by dragging the alphabet pellets. You can do the same process with a wide range of things like objects, animals, birds, colors, insects, and more. Make it more fun, by asking kids to write their names on the board.
It is an ideal way to learn the English alphabet, word formation, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary development. It can be also used in recognizing objects, animals, colors, and shapes. It provides kids with hand-eye coordination and helps them focus in a better way.
To clean the MagAlpha Board, simply wipe it with a wet cloth or wipes.
Simply pull the stylus from the slot to start writing. Once done, place it back in the slot. No more worry about misplacing the stylus.
The pellets are locked inside the board and cannot come out or fall off.
Picture cards are based on different activities that will engage kids for hours. Activities included are; words matching, alphabet matching, objects matching, animal matching, alphabet finding and words matching.
Bond well with your friends, family or colleagues! MagAlpha can be used for organizing fun word games and puzzles, encouraging problem-solving skills as kids attempt to create words or solve work-related challenges. It can be also used for organizing team-bonding activities in school, office, college, or simply in kids' theme parties.

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