Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

Summer Indoor Activities for Kids

Summer vacations are the most awaited time for kids. Wishing everyone ‘Happy Vacations’, getting holiday homework, and bidding adieu to friends and teachers for 2 long months bring a plethora of emotions. But it's also the time when children can learn new skills and competence. From refining hand grip to learning STEM skills, there is a great deal of activities available that parents can experiment with in the comfort of their home. 

In this article, we compiled the top 5 easy-to-do DIY activities that will engage kids and cut down hours of screen time. 

Magnetic Construction Activities

Magnetic activities are on our top list. There are endless benefits of magnetic toys for kids. Magnetic blocks, tiles, or sticks widen up the scope for kids. They can create 2D & 3D constructions. Rocket, car, robot, hut, and where your kid’s imagination goes. Building blocks will enhance your kid’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills and introduce them to STEM learning. 

Scoobies magnetic DIY kits are made up of premium magnets for hassle-free stacking & construction. There are many options available that come with unique add-ons. 

Hand and Vegetable Painting 

The second one on the list is hand-painting. Mixing & blending different colours and unleashing creativity on canvas with hands and fingers improves sensory integration among kids. Scoobies Teddy Bear Fingerpaints are 100% non-toxic and safe for kids and come with a portable dispenser bottle for easy handling. 

Apart from hand printing art, vegetable art especially okra stamping art is the most easy-to-do art style. Take different materials and let kids enjoy painting to the fullest. 

Sticker Activities 

sticker activities have alleviated from just being a  stick & paste activity. Sticker activities hone kids with some important skills. It's a great sensory play, refines gross motor skills, strengthens puzzle-solving skills, and improves hand-eye coordination. 

Scoobies stick-by-number activity comes in unicorn and dinosaur designs and it isn’t just a sticker activity for kids but it also gives a scope of colouring. Kids can enjoy stick & colour together with this fun activity. 

Rock Painting 

Rock painting is another interesting activity to engage kids at home. Painting on rocks will not only help stimulate creativity and imagination in kids but will also help in sensory development. 

To make rock painting smooth and clear, Scoobies provides Acrylic Paint Pens and Glitter Acrylic Markers

No more hassle of messy paint brushes, palettes, and cups. Decorate rocks and make them a  part of your home decor. 

Clay Modeling 

The final one in this list is clay modeling. Creating different shapes and models with clay helps boost trial and error amongst kids. It helps in stimulating creativity and imagination. Refines hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. 

Unlike sticky and harmful clay, Scoobies Foam Clay does not stick to fingers and it is completely safe for children. Waterproof, odorless, and non-toxic bead-like is perfect to create snowmen, houses, flowers, and whatever kids imagine. 

Bonus Tips

  • It's vacations and it is natural for kids to get lethargic and feel a little less interested in studies. Take it positively, let them have some time off, and enjoy in their own way. 
  • It is obvious for kids to create a mess on some days (or every day) during vacations. Do not get too harsh on them. Gently ask them to help you clean a mess and eventually it will become a part of their habit. 
  • It is very important for both the parents to involve in such activities with kids to boost good family bonding and in making memories for a lifetime. 
  • Some of these activities might be new to kids, there will be some redo’. Do not lose patience rather encourage your kids to complete an activity. 
  • Above everything, enjoy vacations to the fullest. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope these easy-to-do activities will make kids' indoor stay a lot more entertaining and engaging. Happy Vacations! 



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