Why Are Kids Obsessed with Unicorns?

Why Are Kids Obsessed with Unicorns?

The word unicorn conjures images of beautiful animals with horns on their foreheads, similar to horses or goats. We often presume Unicorns are elegant creature that resides in mystical & fantastical forests, possessing magical powers. But do you know, Unicorns have appeared in many cultures throughout history in ancient Babylonian and Indus Valley civilizations?

As per mythology, this untameable Unicorn is depicted as powerful, independent, and difficult to capture or conquer. Over time Unicorns acquired the significance and symbolism of purity, intelligence, and innocence. 

Kids are especially fascinated by this magical creature. Stuffed toys, bags, bottles, lunch bags, clothes, or other kids' essentials, we see unicorns everywhere. These unicorn-designed essentials are exquisitely made using vibrant & glaring colors where the unicorn is crafted as a long ponied angel surrounded by other fantastical elements. 

Before we proceed further and understand why kids are obsessed with unicorns, let’s understand some basic facts about them;

  • Unicorn is a national animal of Scotland.
  • The name ‘Unicorn’ derives from two Latin words, ‘uni’ and ‘cornu’ which means one horn.
  • A Pegasus is another mythical animal that looks very similar to a unicorn but with wings.
  • The first-ever description of a unicorn is found in ancient Greek scriptures by the Greek historian named ‘Ctesias’
  • Just like, a baby dog is called a puppy, a baby unicorn is called a sparkle.
  • In reality, Unicorns do not have wings but they possess the ability to fly.
  • Unicorns have magical healing powers. It is often said that their horn is powerful enough to  hit an elephant.

Why do Kids Love Unicorns?

Existence of Magic 

There is a strong presence of magic associated with unicorns in literature, kids' poetry, and other narratives, which is one of the primary reasons why kids love unicorns.

For many years, kids have been taught about fairies, elves, angels, dragons & demons, and the plot reveals around the fight between good & bad deeds. There is a detailed description of the magical healing power of the Unicorn’s horn in many scriptures.

The mystical description & design of unicorns validate kids' worlds which move around magic & fantasy. Unicorns transform them into a prince or princess who reigns in an imaginary fairy world,  a world that is soulful & pure, completely opposite to the existing human world.


Appealed by Beauty 

Kids are naturally fascinated by beauty and colors. The ethereal beauty of Unicorns appeals to their curiosity and imagination. For kids, Unicorns also represents joy & adventure with their association with rainbows, clouds, and vibrant colors.

Undoubtedly, Unicorns are kids’ comfort & support icons.


Inspirational Figure 

In popular culture, Unicorns appear as wise, confident, helping, gentle & kind. This ability to believe in yourself and the idea that magic exists within you inspires & motivates kids. It makes them believe that unicorns are real and they can also achieve anything with their skillful power & magic.


Helpful & Kind 

In kids' stories about Unicorns, they are often highlighted as heroes of the narrative helping co-animals & angels. This trait of being helpful toward others appeals to kids and they develop a soft corner for unicorns.


Outgoing & Adventurous 

Unicorns are always involved in one or another adventure and are outgoing & sociable creatures. They socialize and become friends with strangers really fast. This is another quality of being in a happy & playful environment that intrigues kids.


Must-Have Unicorn Goodies for Kids

If you have a kid who adores unicorns at home, then we understand how difficult it is to find  ‘new & quirky’ unicorn-themed kids' products. Fortunately, Scoobies is a BIG enthusiast about making products that kids love. The team of Australian designers at Scoobies is always on the lookout for unicorn-themed products & designs which not only catches kids' attention on the first look but also brings value to them. 

Here are some trendy unicorn goodies to add to your Scoo-cart and surprise your little unicorn lover;

  1. Unicorn Pencils - Writing Fairies


This set of 6 multicolored pencils with a unicorn eraser top is a great option for making your kid carry their favorite character to school. 

These erasers are easy-to-remove and can easily fit onto other pencils.  

This also makes a perfect gift favor for kids.


       2. Uni-Magball Tab 


This magnetic writing tab is specially designed keeping kids' obsession with unicorns in mind. 

With this tab, kids can easily learn & write alphabets, numbers, words, patterns, and so on. 

This is lightweight and easy to carry. A perfect option to engage kids in ed-tainment even while on the go.


       3. Unicorn Glow-in-the-Dark Bag



This is a great addition to your kid’s back-to-school shopping list. This unicorn-themed bag illuminates beautifully in the dark or under blue lights. 

It comes with durable rubber zippers and padded adjustable shoulder straps. There is a separate stationery pocket to accommodate stationery essentials in a tidy manner.


    4. Unicorn Lunchbag

This is made of eco-friendly neoprene material. It is a cross-body sling bag and can be used as a toy bag, shopping bag, normal handbag, or crossbody bag.

It is a non-toxic, BPA-free bag and a well-insulated bag, that keeps interiors hot/cold for 2-5 hours.


    5. Planet Unicorn - Glow-in-the-Dark Pencil Case


This pencil case is made of premium EVA material and does not lose its shape in daily usage. There is a separate compartment for pencils & pens. Stash it with pencils, pens, sharpener, eraser, gluestick, scale, etc.

Just like the Unicorn glow-in-the-dark bag, it also illuminates beautifully in the dark. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope in this article you enjoyed learning some interesting facts about unicorns and also gave you quirky unicorn goodie options for unicorn-obsessed kids. 

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