Scoobies New Plush Creation - Cozies

Scoobies New Plush Creation - Cozies

For many years, plush toys have held a special place in our hearts. These comfy & cuddly companions have long been a source of happiness and joy, providing us solace in times of need. Whether it is kids, teens, or adults, everyone has one favorite plushy with whom they share their ideas, have conversations when alone, and even cuddle & sleep with. Scoobies thought to revamp plush toys and bring an aspect of Scootility (utility and functionality) to them, and present plush toys in new and innovative ways that will appeal to kids and become a part of their daily routine, rather than just taking a corner seat at home.  

With this in mind, Scoobies recently launched Cozies. This innovative adaptation of plush toys that turns plush toys into storage pouches & sling bags is EXCLUSIVELY launched by the House of Scoobies for the first time in India. With Cozies, Scoobies let kids carry and hang plush toys and be a head-turner in school, shopping, on vacations, or on a casual day out. Cozies transcend age boundaries and appeal to people of all ages - kids, teens, and adults. 

With Cozies, Scoobies aims to make the fantastical Unicorn, high-spirited Giraffe, and listener Bunny- a part of your everyday life, providing reassurance, security, and emotional stability in your life and navigating your way through different challenges and hurdles by merely being present with you.  All cozies have a storage compartment inside them that can be used for storing and carrying itsy-bitsy accessories. 

To add a touch of whimsy to it, Scoobies added animal-themed erasers inside Cozies storage compartments. Wondering why Cozies come with erasers? Cozies come with a pack of cute surprises for kids.  we all buy bags which com empty. But kids love even a pinch of goodies and gifts and that excites them like anything. How can Scoobies miss this part. It filled cozies storage compartment with colourful and quirky surprises with which they can play and even use.

Scoobies Cozies will be your unwavering trusted companion, listener, comforter, and go-to person, especially in times of stress and anxiety. They will also act as little bearers while on the go.

You may carry and store the following item/s in Cozies; 

  • Erasers 
  • Sharpeners 
  • Crayons 
  • Handy Cash or Cards 
  • Keys 
  • Candies 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Pens 
  • Clips or Rubber Bands 
  • Other Small Accessories


Introducing Unicorn, Bunny and Giraffe Cozies 

Cozies are designed in kids’ favorite characters: Unicorn, Giraffes, and Bunny. Let’s understand more about Cozies in detail:


Fantastical Unicorn 

From the magical and fantastical realms, Unicorn Cozy is here. This whimsical world is surrounded by lush and vibrant landscapes filled with colorful flowers, towering trees, and sparkling waterfalls. Unicorn Cozy is known to be the most helpful and forgiving in this realm. She comes with a tummy full of erasers to promote continuation and growth in life without feeling regretful about failures or afraid of making mistakes.


Physical Attributes

  • Big, bold eyes
  • Dazzling body
  • Rainbow-colored honk and mane
  • Storage magical tummy 



  • Detachable & adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Made of Non-toxic and kid-safe quality 
  • Can be used as a handbag, cross-body bag, or sling bag 
  • Perfect huggable toy or for decorating kids’ room



High-Spirited Giraffe 

Giraffe Cozy lives in bushy green grasslands, surrounded by leaves and shrubs. Giraffe Cozy is sociable and cordial in nature. Giraffe Cozy has a tummy full of erasers as he believes that mistakes and failures are absolutely NORMAL in life. Giraffe Cozy wants to remove the fear of failing by trying out new things and ideas in life and being comfortable with his own unique personality.


Physical Attributes

  • Cute pink hat, sneakers and buttoned blazer
  • Big-bold eyes
  • Coated horns



  • Use as storage box 
  • Made of Non-toxic and kid-safe quality 
  • Perfect huggable toy or for decorating kids’ room



Listener Bunny 

Bunny Cozy lives near meadows that is covered with grass and vegetation. Bunny Cozy is a great speaker and listener and can hear your ideas, thoughts, dreams and be your partner in solace. Bunny Cozy carries erasers in his magical back. Just like erasers rub graffiti marks from paper, Bunny Cozy is here to remove the fear of failing by trying out new things and ideas in life and being comfortable with your own unique personality.


Physical Attributes

  • Available in 3 colors - pink, purple and blue 
  • Long & fluffy polka dot ears
  • Shimmery, big eyes 



  • Use as handbag  
  • Made of Non-toxic and kid-safe quality 
  • Perfect huggable toy or for decorating kids’ room



Embrace nostalgia with a touch of Scootility and explore fun, functionality, and comfort with Scoobies Cozies.

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