Christmas Buys - Art & Colouring Edition

Christmas Buys - Art & Colouring Edition

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”
Norman Vincent Peale

The above-given quote captures the true essence of Christmas. The coming of December brings new beginnings, celebrations, and the jingling of bells. There is a new kind of excitement, especially among kids. Maybe because their curiosity about Santa Claus is still fresh, they wait for Santa Claus with red socks in hand every year. We’re sure you are the real Santa for the kids and are looking to add some interesting and quirky gifts to your Santa bag. 

Curated keeping kids in mind. wide range of different applications and effects. mix of crayons, markers, pencils and stamps. all covered under one roof


Magic Stamp Pens 

Explore a unique & mess-free way of doing art with Scoobies Magic Stamp Pens. These dual-end markers offer an easy way for kids, teens, and art enthusiasts to add precise stamps and elements to a range of artwork. This set offers 6 double-end markers that allow the artist/s to easily switch between stamps & markers.

It is perfect for creating DIY greetings, decorations and masterpieces. 

Neon Gel Crayons 

These crayons are specially designed for your little Piccasso with a twist-up mechanism & soft grippers.  It comes in a plastic casing that makes it mess-free & easy to use for kids.  

It helps kids to color both in and out of the lines. It is especially useful for highlighting & blending. Available in 6 neon shades - blue, pink, yellow, orange, green & purple, it gives a gleaming & glowing effect in the dark or under warm blue lights.

Macaroon Colours 

For Little Picasso and art enthusiasts, Scoobies brings Macaroon Colors. This pack of 6 crayons gives a professional sleek & slick pastel finish to different ranges of art pieces. It offers a mess-free & no-fuss art & coloring experience to kids. With a twist-up mechanism & soft grippers, these crayons come in plastic casing and teach kids, how to color both in and out of the lines, especially useful for highlighting & blending.

Experience an extra smooth finish on every art piece!

Markerelous - outine Markers

From outlining your kid's first best masterpiece to creating appealing designs on wood, glass, ceramic, or rock, Scoobies Outline Markers bring a completely new dimension to your artwork. Unlike traditional markers, Scoobies Outline Markers produce two lines in a single stroke. Redesign your old T-shirt, ceramic mug, or do some DIY with your old furniture, Scoobies Outline Markers is what you need to stimulate your creativity & imagination and be your own type of artist.

Acrylic Markers

Create spotless opaque matte designs on different surfaces with these 12 highly pigmented non-toxic Acrylic Paint Pens. Quick dry and easy-to-control markers are safe for hands and give great coverage to artists.

 It is suitable for both external and internal use and can work on paper, porcelain, ceramic, glass, treated wood, leather, canvas, fabric, metal and plastic. Its smooth and sturdy tip works well on different types of surfaces.

Hot Dot Markers 

Scoobies Hot Dot Markers are especially curated for tots & toddlers. Ergonomically made in sleek cylindrical shape, it is easy to grip & use. It is an ideal set for doing painting with no mess & no brush way. The nips are waterproof and can be easily washed off from skin and most of the fabrics. Let your little one enjoy dabbing and dotting with no worry of spoiling hands!

Metallic Silk Crayons 

Scoobies Metallic Crayons gives a professional art experience to kids, teens, and adults alike. The crayons are designed with a plastic casing & come with textured grippers that make them 2X times more break-resistant than a normal crayon. This set of 12 vibrant shades gives a shiny and shimmery finish to your wide range of artwork. It comes with a twist-up action that allows kids to rotate, revolve, and adjust the length of the crayon as per their comfort.

Chunky Coloured Pencils 

Scoobies Chunky Coloured Pencils offers a smooth, non-scratchy, and smudge-free art experience to kids. Use it for colouring, outlining, highlighting, mixing, blending, and create endless art designs.

Colouring Pencils 

This is an ideal colouring kit for your artist. It offers a smooth, non-scratchy, and smudge-free art experience to kids. Use it for colouring, outlining, highlighting, mixing, blending, and create endless art designs.

Stubby Markers 

Scoobies Stubby Markers are a perfect blend of art & comfort. Stubby Markers are ergonomically designed to fit the little hands. These are non-toxic & child safe markers, offering a comfortable & mess-free art experience to kids. Made with water-based ink, these markers are useful for  broad strokes & fine lines.

Wrapping Up

Topping up the  excitement, you can make your kid’s dream come true by  Booking your Santa from Scoobies. Scoobies Santa will come to your doorstep to deliver gifts to your little one. Here’s who can avail this order; 

  • Customers from Delhi NCR
  • Applicable on online orders with amount Rs.2999/ or above 
  • Valid for prepaid orders only 


Make your Christmas shopping special.

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