Scoobies Launches World’s 1st Unicorn Magnetic Tab

Scoobies Launches World’s 1st Unicorn Magnetic Tab

Australian-owned, Scoobies is consistently bringing ‘unconventional and distinctive’ kids’ school supplies and toys in India to reshape the Indian education system and make it at par with global standards. Magnetic toys and DIY kits are one such range that Scoobies is focussing on. Recently, Scoobies launched Uni-Magball Tab - A magnetic tab made in a Unicorn shape. 

The positive response and HUGE appreciation from the customers pumped up our product designers to redesign the products and create something innovative that kids resonate with and ‘Unicorn’ is one such character that kids are literally obsessed with. Whether we talk about school bags, bottles, lunch bags, and other kids' lifestyle products, kids adore unicorn designs.

So, after brainstorming with ideas and factual data available on the internet that entails the obsession of the world with unicorns, our product designers decided to create a magnetic writing pad in the shape of a unicorn. We’re proud to state that “Scoobies Uni-Magball Tab is exclusively manufactured in India and designed in Australia.’’

Well, we believe that pink & unicorn is not only for girls. Boys equally love pink & unicorn too. We as a brand is working to break the societal stereotypes of ‘girl’s pink’ and ‘boy’s blue.’ Let kids choose their own colors. 

What’s unique about Uni-Magball Tab?

Scoobies' team of Australian product designers is always on the lookout for new ideas for creative and innovative products that align with Scoobies mission of making education fun. Our new launch, Uni-Magball is one such creation that makes learning fun effortlessly. 

 Uni-Magball Tab; 

  • Comes with a stylus and an in-built storage compartment for the stylus. 
  • Is an erasable and reusable tab. Kids can easily undo their structures by erasing them with a stylus or with the tip of a finger. 
  • Magnetic beads do not come out. It is locked inside the plastic tab. 
  • Is non-toxic & BPA-free! Conforms to international kids' safety standards. 

 Why should Uni-Magball Tab be your next buy?

 With kids’ favorite unicorn shaped magnetic writing pad, kids can; 

  • Write & learn alphabets, numbers, patterns, symmetry, and more. 
  • Understand unicorns as a spirit animal while playing with the Uni-Magball tab. 
  • Enjoy mess-free learning without any paper waste or leaking ink. 
  • Boost problem-solving, creative & analytical learning & independent working skills.
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination. 
  • It easily fits in a standard-sized bag and engages kids for hours even on the go. 
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