Scoobies Fidget Toys FAQ

Scoobies Fidget Toys FAQ

Australian-owned Scoobies prides itself on its ‘unconventional and distinctive’ products. Every Scoobies product is designed with the intention to make learning fun. One of our bestsellers, Fidget Toys not only provides hours of engagement to kids but also boosts sensory skills & cognitive development.

Our team is super thrilled to see the customer response for Scoobies fidget toys. At the same time, our team has observed that our customers are inquisitive about fidget toys and have some concerns regarding their usage.

In this article, we will answer frequently asked questions regarding fidget toys.

Answer - Scoobies offers varied types of fidget toys. Globbles come in 6 colors. These sticky and squishy fidget balls glow-in-dark. Glowmeez is a shimmery version of Globbles. It is infused with glitter and shimmer. Glowmeez might not glow-in-dark like Globbles, however, the glitter and shimmer inside it will definitely keep you engaged for hours.

Blobz (also known as splat smash toys) are available in monster and unicorn shapes. There are different bundles available on our website.

Answer - Kids 3 years or above is a preferable age group for fidget toys. It is highly recommended to use it under adult supervision only. 

Answer - Scoobies fidget range comes with different features. If you’re looking for glow-in-dark fidget balls then Globbles is a perfect option for you. If you’re a shimmer-stuck person and love glitter, then Glowmeez fits your requirements.

If you are a Unicorn fan then go for unicorn shape Blobz undoubtedly. Monster is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something new & quirky.

Answer - Every Scoobies product goes through multiple processes & quality checks before it reaches a customer. It is made of premium non-toxic material and matches the international kids' safety standards.

Answer - It might happen that after playing with fidget balls multiple times dust particles might stick to the balls and they will become temporarily non-adhesive.

To restore the stickiness of fidget balls, firstly wash them with soapy lukewarm water. Let it dry naturally for 1-2 minutes. Squish and throw it on walls or ceilings with a little force. Please note, that fidget balls will stick for a few seconds on selective surfaces.

Answer - It is advised to keep Globbles under sunlight or warm lights for 7-8 hours. These multi-colored fidget balls absorb sunlight, light, or flashlight and emit beautiful gleaming illumination when put in the dark

Answer - Squishing these fidget toys with a strong force might result in leakage. Do not try to puncture it with nails, teeth, or any sharp objects. Do not squeeze it in between the doors or drawers

Answer - Playing with these fidget toys in an inappropriate way or puncturing it might result in splashing. Also, Scoobies fidget range is not edible just like any other fidget toy.

But do not worry or panic in case the inside liquid splashes over you or you swallow any of the fidget toys. it is non-toxic but it might cause temporary irritation, allergy, and upset stomach. Wash the affected area with cold water and drink lots of water to wash it down into the stomach.

If ingested or you experience serious symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

Answer - In case your unicorn or monster Blobz are not splatting properly wash it with lukewarm water and squish it with your hand for a minute or two. Throw it with some force on the floor and see them magically reforming into its original shape within a second.

Answer - Globbles & Glowmeez will stick to walls & ceilings for endless times. However, it might not work well on surfaces like glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, or any other surface.

Answer - It refines motor skills, visual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and stimulates creativity & imagination.

Answer - Adults can play around with fidget toys to relieve stress. It helps relieve anxious emotions, calm the nerves, and makes you more focused.

Answer - Scoobies fidget toys will keep you hooked for hours that you don’t feel like exchanging them. But if you still wish to exchange it, you may connect with our customer support team via WhatsApp or call at +91-9717359930. You can also drop an email at

We’re consistently working to provide our customers with seamless shopping & post-delivery experience. To maintain the decorum, we don’t accept opened/used blister packaging products. It needs to be in a resalable condition. Also, share a video highlighting the issue while initiating an exchange request.

Scoobies does not support the return or refund process. For more information please visit here

Answer - For further help, you may connect with our customer support team via WhatsApp or call at +91-97177 88985. You can also drop an email at

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