Scoobies Celebrates little he, she & me

Scoobies Celebrates little he, she & me

“The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country”
- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

‘Children’ - a word that brings a plethora of emotions. Whether it's about playing with bubbles or finding joy in the rain, kids make life more lively. Do you remember those old days, when getting one extra pencil made you smile like anything and having your favorite school bag was nothing less than a success. A regular pencil is replaced by a colorful scented pencil, smart mess-free magnetic tabs have successfully replaced age-old slates, and basic school bags are no more seen in school corridors rather quirky & trendy school bags crowd the modern-day schools but no matter how different school experiences is for kids these days but love for school & schooling remain consistent in all these years.

As a modern-day brand, Scoobies is consistently working to bring ‘unconventional & distinctive’ kids' lifestyle products that resonate with modern kids’ thinking & ideologies. Scoobies offers school bags, pencil cases, food & drinks essentials, art & craft essentials, and magnetic toys among other related products. Every Scoobies product comes with a new kind of thinking & perspective. The Australian-owned brand believes in making kids into creators & trendsetters of tomorrow rather than the ones to follow the crowd.

This Children’s Day 22’ we celebrate the free spirit of childhood and new ideas that new-age kids bring.

This Children’s Day let’s; 

  • Make kids practice their ideas rather than impose ours. 
  • Make kids be heard rather than make them listen. 
  • Make kids choose their colors rather than restrict them to girls’ pink or boys’ blue. 
  • Make kids explore their passion rather than make them fulfill ours. 
  • Make kids celebrate their individuality rather than turn them into what they’re not.
Scoobies wishes you a very Happy Children’s Day!


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