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Indoor Activities For Your Children In Winter

As the temperature hits an all-time low across India, parents are on the spot again. Schools are off for the winter, and children are at home. Parents do not want their children going out in the cold as the Sun hardly shows. But what are the children supposed to do the entire day at home? They can’t study the whole day, and being a good parent you can’t let them watch cartoons the entire day as well, so what do you do?

In this article, let us discuss a few indoor activities for your children, which would help them stay indoors away from the cold. We will focus on the children below the age of 12, but many of these activities can be done for older kids as well.

Board Games
Today most children are not used to playing board games as they tend to play video games on mobiles, play stations, and other gaming devices. However, once children start to play board games like Monopoly, Chutes and ladders, Scrabble, you would find that they spend most of their day playing these. It is a nice break from video games and helps your children learn to cooperate and play, as these are not one-person games. 

If you can more than one child, great, they can play together, and if you have a single child, you can get involved and play these board games with them.

Games for the single child
If you have a single child, board games alone won’t cut it. You need to have things they can do alone as well, as we can’t expect you to play board games half the day with them. A few things that might pique their interest are building blocks (Legos), as a child, I remember playing with Legos the whole day long.

Today there are so many other options to choose. Scoobies has some beautiful products for indoor activities like Foam Clay, Slime Magic and 4D Book Box; your child can spend hours playing with these and not get bored. 

Get Creative
When your children are stuck inside because of the heat, rain or cold; this is the best time to get their creative juices flowing. Whether they are interested in music, dance, painting or writing, getting them the required tools of the trade is the first thing to do. You can get fantastic stationery items at Scoobies like crayons, colored pencils, dairies, and more. 

Remember just getting them these things are not enough; you need to be a part and help them with their creative direction. It can include drawing, singing, dancing with them, or reading stores and getting them interested in storytelling. 

In-house play dates
You can always invite friends of your children to come to your house and play. You might need to volunteer to pick them up and drop them back because of the cold, but it’s worth it. No matter how much time you spend playing and participating in different activities with your children, they are going to miss playing with their friends. So getting their friends over for an in-house play date is a great option.

They can enjoy all the games and activities with their friends while staying in the warmth of the house.

Mix it up
Some children may enjoy playing the same games or doing the same activities every day, but most will get bored. It is why you need to mix all the games and activities up so that they stay fresh and do not become boring for the children.

Make them study, but also let them watch a few cartoons, maybe an animated movie now and then, play board games with them, participate with them in different activities, call their friends for in-house play dates, and take your children to their friends’ houses as well. Remember, the most important thing is to keep your children warm and safe from this chilling cold.

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