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How Is Playing Helpful In The Growth Of A Child

From the third year, the child begins to socialize and need to compete with his peers and also to learn that after the fight we can reconcile ourselves.
In these three years, the child lays the foundation of the man who will be making conscious choices and conquers his independence. He loves doing things on his own by taking care of the environment in which he lives by having concrete experiences.
And it is through the games that builds his personality and that's why the choice of games to play with our children is essential for their growth.
It is important for them to feel the presence of their parents because for them it is essential to believe that they feel involved in their growth and in their discoveries. Just as it is equally important to "help them to do it on their own" in order to acquire greater security and independence, according to the Montessori theory.
A child from 3 to 6 years perfects language, refines the movements and uses sensory sensitivities (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste) .

So let's see some examples on how to play with children.

Home & Indoor activity
First of all, because the child from 3 to 6 years is very interested in the environment in which he lives, making him participate in the activities of the house will represent for him both a moment of leisure and an opportunity to refine his manual skills and sensory sensibilities.

Do not be afraid to involve your children in preparing lunch. Let us help you wash the vegetables, set the table, do the washing machine, spread the clothes. Your children will welcome your requests for help with great enthusiasm and, day after day, you will see that they will become more and more able to fold a napkin, to keep broom and scoop in the correct way, to safely use a wooden spoon to mix the cream for the dessert you are preparing together.

Furthermore, through practical life children experience autonomy that will gradually lead them to independence from adults.

Manual and sensory activities
Manual and sensory activities can also be developed with the help of games that engage them and need their attention. For example, you might try to present a creative sewing kit , a fun and creative game for children between 5 and 6 years of age.

Being interested in the environment, children of this age imitate not only the actions but also the people who are next to them or who meet in everyday life. This is why role-play and symbolic play is important at this stage. You will see your children dressing up as mom and dad, playing grocery shopping at the supermarket, improvising a cart with their small chair. With their friends, they will play to imitate the various characters that they meet more or less everyday like the masters, the baker, the gas station etc.

Girls around 5 years old love kits to create jewelry because they want to imitate their mother. Children are crazy for kits with craft tools like those used by their father.

Draw and color
Draw and color are the activities that should never be missed. It is the way through what the child feels most free to express himself.
And here you are make a choice. You can offer colored pencils and watercolors, kits to create with colored sand or simply with felt- tip pens. In short, the vast choice for them!

Playing by reading
If you then want to introduce your children to reading then you could play with them with magnetic letters  to attach on the refrigerator. Children are more receptive to learning. Give them a few minutes a day by repeating the letters you are playing with. Initially they may seem distracted but you will be amazed to see that have already started remembering many of them.

To conclude, always remember that playing with kids is not only playing but an act of developing their personality to become a good human being. So your motive to play with kids must involve the learnings to differentiate between the good and the bad. Only then you can help them grow in a positive way

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