Back to School - Tips for Parents & Students

Back to School - Tips for Parents & Students

School and schooling bring different emotions to different people. For some, a school is a place that gives irreplaceable memories for a lifetime. For others, the school helped them achieve & succeed in life. If we talk about kids, then school brings mixed emotions for them. Kids love to go to school but loathe homework & exams. They love making & meeting their friends but are scared of teachers & school faculty. After weeks of exams & preparation, the season to go back to school 23’ is here. For some kids, this year is a progression to a new academic year and some will be starting their new school journey. Whatever it may be, back-to-school season is always exciting & overwhelming for both kids & parents. After long & relaxed summer vacations, parents reacquaint themselves with packing lunchboxes, school bags, school pickups, homework checks, and more.

Whatever the emotions may be, going back to school expands new horizons for learning and stepping ahead academically. In this article, we will list down some important tips, especially for parents that will help in transitioning easily to the school routine again.

Tips for Parents of Kids Progressing to New Class

Seeing your kids advance to new academic levels is a thing to be proud of. But with new academic sessions comes more responsibility as a parent. Here are some tips to follow;

  • Set a Fixed Routine - Expecting your kid to magically wake up early on the day school starts, will only happen in dreams.” For making kids get back to their school routine, set a schedule and put it into action one week before school starts. Let kids sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up early to avoid delays during school. Make a schedule as per school timings that will include going to school, after-school naps, study or tuition hours, playtime, and family time.
  • Create a Checklist - In the excitement of a new session, parents often end up buying extra unnecessary school supplies for kids. Whether you choose to order online or go out in the market, create a proper list before shopping for the new session. Make sure you ask your child to assist you in this task as it will help your child grow as a responsible individual in the long run. Ensure to buy an extra backup of school essentials, in case of broken or lost school supplies..
  • Choosing the Right School Essentials - Having the right fit of school supplies like backpacks, lunch boxes, bottles, and so on is of utmost importance. Before you select a backpack for your child consider its quality (material it is made of), zippers durability, back strap comfort along with the design.
  • Self Counselling - Before your kid starts a new session do not overburden them with the weight of scoring good marks or your own personal expectations. Talk about their personal achievements, what better they want to achieve in this new session, and what expectations they have with this beginning.
  • Limit Screen Time - It is natural that in the summer vacations, kids engage in more screen time like playing games on mobile phones, watching cartoon series on TV & ipads, or randomly scrolling through social media. As the new session start saying ‘NO’ to your kid’s digital screen hours to protect them from negative future implications.


Tips for Parents of Kids Starting With School

For new parents, making their tot start a new school journey is nothing less than a new milestone. But this transition from being at home 24/7 to starting a school journey will be a difficult one and make yourself prepare for the same.

  • Explain Schooling - There is no doubt in the fact that toddlers mostly learn through mimicking and observing. Create a school environment at home and explain to them what they’ll experience in school, playing new games & activities, making new friends and teachers & so on.
  • Meet Teachers - Make sure you make your kid familiar with their new teacher before the session starts. It will help your kid build trust in your tot’s mind and will help in an easy transition.
  • Self Counselling - Your kid is starting a new journey altogether. Make sure you teach them about upcoming situations that they might encounter in the initial days like if some other child comes & teases or bullies them, how to react in their parent's absence, and so on.
  • Establish Healthy Habits - Motivate your kid to eat independently without you feeding them. 
  • Teaching Safety - Make sure you teach your kid about safety like not stepping out outside the school with any strangers, trying to cross the road without adult supervision, and informing teachers about even minor inconveniences. 

Tips for Students Going Back to School

Here are some tips for students starting their new session;

  • Start Small - Starting a new session might put you under a bit of pressure. But taking small yet significant steps is the best way to deal with new courses & syllabi.
  • Create a Distraction-Free Space - After returning home from school take at least 25 mins for yourself. You might develop a habit of meditation to relieve yourself from school stress & tension.
  • Get into a Routine - Prepare yourself to get back into the school routine again. Early to bed, early to rise!
  • Stay Motivated - Keep yourself motivated to deal with new challenges. Eat nutritious food, do some kind of exercise, or simply engage in playing physical games.
  • Celebrate Your Win - Most importantly, before starting a new session celebrate your win & success with your friends and family.


We hope that these tips will help you deal with the ongoing pressure that back-to-school season is building up on parents & students. If you found this blog interesting, share it with other parents & students.

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